9 Digital Marketing Skills That You Must Have

9 Digital Marketing Skills That You Must Have

Spending on digital marketing grew by 44% last year in the United States and Britain. And a study has found that globally estimated spending on digital marketing is approaching approximately $100 billion.

1. Understanding The Marketing Fundamentals

First, you will have to master the basics, which is fundamentals for marketing, before you start to develop yourself into digital marketing, because in digital marketing without the basic marketing skill to promote your product, branding it’s basically useless as well no matter how much you invest you still won’t have any revenue in return because the consumers are not attracted by your marketing skills.


2. Acing Advertising Channels (Paid)

The first set of channels will be paid advertising channels. There multiple paid advertising channels across the funnel that we can go for which are Facebook, Google, Email, Remarketing, Display and many more.


3. Acing Advertising Channels (Organic)

The 2nd set of channels will be the organic channels, which are SEO, Content, Social, PR. But you will need someone who is good with it, for you to get free traffic onto your channel or website.


4. Understand Channel Strategy

The next thing to go for is to understand the channel strategy. As a professional digital marketer it is important that you need to know which channel is the expensive one but at the time will get your more results. While at the same time there must be some channels that are not that expensive but give you the needed results, or there might be some other channels that are really expensive but at the same time, they don’t have any ROI.

Digital Marketing Agency

Digital Marketing Agency

5. Communication

Communication can be a very important factor in your digital marketing journey as it could be a game-changer for you. For example, once I say about a brand name Nike what will you recall, I am just it the title “JUST DO IT” or maybe some content on the internet where you can see NIKE have been doing content about exercise they’ll advertise their fitness product and so, so just like this consumer will know what is NIKE all about. When you walk around and just say the word NIKE I am sure that everyone knows what is it and what they sell.


6. Data

Data is one of your biggest assets as a digital marketer, first off you need to understand what is data and where your data lies, there are multiple sources where your data reside. It’s can be your Google Analytics or your CRM. it could also be residing with the sales team. And there are many places that your data can be distributed and is present. By using the right data it can benefit you a lot by helping you putting attractive information that could attract your potential customer to make a purchase or private message you for extra information.


7. Technical Skills

This is an area where the internet and technology rule the world, unlike previous times where you will have to go back to your engineering and technology team, your design team and so on for just some small simple things that can be changed by you yourself. For now, all you have to do is just go to the internet and learn. So as a digital marketer at least try to learn some basic technology skills and have some designing knowledge and you are pretty much good to go.


8. Product Marketing

Here you will be wondering what product marketing has anything to do with digital marketing? Well, think again what are you trying to market online some of the businesses there are marketing their product online so some basic knowledge of product marketing is still needed.


9. Project Management

Once again you will think that project management is not a skill needed for a marketer. But have you wonder how much time it takes for you to interact with your peers, conduct meetings and getting things done. So yes this is some out the field job, but somehow it could be useful for you in your life so having some basic project management skills can help you out a lot.

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