The Pros and Cons of Using WordPress for Your Business


WordPress is a free and open source Content Management System (CMS) that everyone can use to create their own website or blog. Most businesses and large organizations use WordPress to create a website for their business as it is convenient and easy to use. So, here we will show you the pros and cons of using WordPress for your business :

Pros :

1. Provide Free Themes and Plugins

Users can use free themes and plugins provided by WordPress to create and design their website. If you want to create an e-commerce website, you can choose a relevant theme design and fill in your business content or information. Besides that, WordPress also provides free plugins for the users such as they can add on other functionality and features on their website.

2. Often Update the Software

WordPress will often update the software to prevent hackers from attacking and exploiting it. It will announce the users to update the software. Many hackers would like to attack the software or systems that have an older version. Before updating the software, every user should backup their data or information to avoid any errors. 

3. User-Friendly SEO

WordPress provides a user-friendly search engine optimization (SEO) tool for their users such as they enable users to optimize information or content that focuses on keywords on their website URL link. It will attract more customers to easily visit your website by searching the keywords of the website.  

4. Offers Support At All Times

If users are facing any difficulties on their website, they can ask customer service representatives who are available on WordPress to assist them. WordPress has offered a large user base on their service to help or support the users and solve their issues immediately. 


Cons :

1. Costs Money to Buy Premium Themes

Although the available free themes will offer you a basic, minimalist look for your website, the premium themes have a lot more unique features or functionalities that you can add on your website. However, some users do not prefer not to waste their money on buying premium themes to create their website. 

2. Difficult for Users Who Are Inexperienced to Use

Some new users may not know how to use WordPress to design their website as they do not have knowledge on HTML and CSS. If users would like to customise their website according to their preferences, for example, changing the theme colours, they need to know how to code HTML and CSS.  

3. Includes Massive Amount of Theme Sellers that Have Bad Reputation

Most WordPress users will usually purchase a cheaper theme from their websites. Some of the sellers would sell cheap themes that may contain viruses or malware. Hence, if you want to buy themes, be mindful to always purchase themes from the official WordPress service website to prevent spoof from any possible scam sellers.


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