E-Commerce : Stop Customer From Abandoning Shopping Carts

E-Commerce Stop Customer From Abandoning Shopping Carts

E-Commerce has always been a great platform for businesses to earn revenue and also provide convenience for their customers. So, there is one major problem causing some businesses to get lesser revenue – customers abandoning their shopping carts. It is caused by a few reasons and here we’ll show you a few ways to Stop Customers From Abandoning Shopping Carts:

1. Offer Better User Experience with The Right Technology Stack

Using the right technology stacks affects how customers behave. For example, using multiple unnecessary technology stacks could slow the load time of a website or application. This will cause customers to abandon the whole process. User Interface can also be one of the issues hence building a simple user interface will make it easier for customers to understand whilst reducing cognitive load.

2. Clarify the Cost and Fee Involved

Show your customers the total of their purchase plus shipping fees and other costs as soon as possible, so they could keep track of their spending and wouldn’t get surprised by the total amount which may result in them abandoning their shopping cart.

3. Show Clear Options on Everything

Options like shipping, personalization on products, quantities, coupon usage, and others should be shown clearly to customers so they feel businesses are trying to build credibility with their audience.

4. Optimize the Forms

Presenting the required input information only during the transaction process. Failing to do so could turn out to be a disaster and result in a failed E-commerce.

5. Provide Convenient Guides

No matter how well the website or application is designed, there are always a few users who do not know how to operate it, for example, the elderly or maybe even people who are new to the website or application concept. Always provide clear guides and instructions on how to operate the website/application to allow smoother shopping experience.

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