4 Reasons Why Cloudflare Is Reliable

4 Reasons why Cloudflare is Reliable

Cloudflare is one of the largest networks operating on the internet. It has a free CDN type product that will protect against harmful threats. It has a function that improves site performance such as loading up speed that is connected with numerous data centers globally. Furthermore, for users to visit a site, they can immediately access the website by being redirected to the closest server because Cloudflare acts as a VPN network.  

1. Different from Other Software

Cloudflare is not only a hosting provider, it has a unique feature that can adjust the DNS settings in the Cloudflare servers such as caching on the website. Therefore, with the original settings, you have the option to control what type of traffic you want to receive. This can easily be detection and awareness of the site referring to where malicious traffic and unnecessary threats are coming from. 

2. The Security

Cloudflare is able to stop high and malicious traffic before it reaches the original web server. It analyzes suspicious threats in a visitor’s requests regarding any changes in the number of visitor’s IP addresses, resources requested, request payload and frequency as well as customer-defined firewall rules.

3. The Performance

Cloudflare optimizes the overall website resources experience for the visitors regularly. It serves you with sufficient static resources and requests for your web server for enterprising content. Cloudflare networks provide a faster route with the linkage of your site to the visitors by directly passing through the data centers.

4. The Reliability

Cloudflare distributes any category of network route in data centers that are provided to visitor requests. Therefore, It also supports DNS that responds to website visitors with the site IP addresses for the traffic you proxy to Cloudflare. Consequently, this provides high security by encrypting any specific IP address of your original webserver.

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