6 Ways to Know Your SEO is Broken and Why is it Not Working

6 Ways To Know Your SEO is Broken

SEO is important for a website to drive traffic to itself, and it is the most optimal way to help your website succeed in promoting itself. If you feel like your website is not getting much attention after making SEO efforts, then you need to find out whether your SEO is broken or not with the 6 Ways provided in this article.

1. Request Service from Enterprise Search Platforms

There are many platforms that provide help on SEO analysis, like BrightEdge, seoClarity, and etc. The detection of the problem source is guaranteed, but the only drawback is that you have to pay for the service.

2. Use Web Analytics

Utilizing the web analytics tool like Google Analytics could precisely dictate whether your SEO is done properly. It tracks information like traffic, conversions, revenues, and such information could help determine whether your website is succeeding or not.

3. Google Console

The most reliable place to go for is Google Console, it produces Search Console’s Performance reports that are located from the source of impressions, clicks, and ranks. Nevertheless, it also produces other reports such as server error, indexation, internal and external linking and more.

4. Google Ads

Organic search reports can be made by linking Google Ads with Search Console. There is always a reporting system in Google Ads that provide paid and organic reports in Google Ads, it provides more detailed data and information on the keywords that you gain impressions from. This report assists in creating a more focused search program, that also helps to evaluate SEO efforts.

5. Free Ranking Tools

Although rating tools are one of the greatest tools to diagnose and to inspect how keyword trends affect organic performances. But it is not the one that decides your performances, the search result ranking is not the major factor that affects the clicks of your website.

6. Ask Someone

If you are someone that is more sociable, you could try to ask someone with expertise on SEO. You could try multiple places like Google’s Webmaster Community to ask questions, Twitter or LinkedIn to look for reliable information, Webmaster Office Hour to communicate with the Host to ask questions directly.

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