6 Ways Having Blogs help SEO in a Business Website

6 Ways Having Blogs help SEO in a Business Website

Will Blogging actually help SEO? Yes, it does. Search Engine comes with some ranking factors and by blogging it actually helps to improve the ranking factors of your website. Here are the reasons on How having Blogs help SEO:

1. Your website is always updated and in mint condition.

Creating content like Blogging is a way to “play” with the Google algorithms. Google is always trying its best to not deliver outdated information to its users. Hence, by blogging, it keeps your website content fresh with new information and would tingle Google Search to improve the SEO and ranking factor of your website.

2. Increase the screen time of users on your website.

Usually, when users are conducting research, blogs would be a perfect place for them to look for references and information. When your blog post seems trustable, they would spend their time absorbing the information that is posted there, and thus increases the screen time on the website and improves the SEO. 

3. Help to sort out long-tail keywords for your website.

Do you know there is a way to help you step up to a well-known company? Which is by looking for the long-tail keywords. Usually, what people type in the search bar are short keywords like “web designer”, the popular company will usually pop out at the top, so by containing long-tail keywords like “web designer with years of experience” in your blogs will get you more traffic.

4. Help to promote your own websites by internal linking.

Internal linking should be used by linking one page to other related pages, this could greatly increase the screen time and user traffic on your websites. Not only on the blog content, but the main page of your website also increases in traffic.

5. Quality Blogs attract external linking.

Focusing on creating good and high-quality blogs is hard and takes up a lot of effort. But it will be so worth it when you get appreciation from other websites, which is them linking their audiences to your website, this makes Google able to label you as a trustable site and trigger the algorithms to boost SEO of your websites.

6. Helps you to connect with your audience.

If you successfully grab the audience’s heart with your blog posts, they could even subscribe to your newsletter, hence it forms a connection. This is beneficial for your website because some audiences tend to love sharing content with their friend circle, the website could gain a broader reach on the Internet and boosts your SEO.

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