6 Types of E-commerce Business On the Internet Nowadays

Types of E-commerce

In general, when we see E-commerce, we only know that it’s a platform for people to shop on with the usage of Internet Connection. But do you know that there are few categories of E-commerce out there? Here we will present you with 6 basic types of E-commerce business.

1. B2B (Business-to-Business)

B2B E-commerce involves e-transaction between two businesses. An example of this is it usually happens in the process of distribution, the relationship between producer to the wholesaler is indeed B2B. Examples of E-commerce would be Alibaba, Avery Denison, H&D Supply, etc..

2. B2C (Business-to-Consumer)

B2C E-commerce should be the most commonly seen type of E-commerce on the Internet. E-commerce platforms like Tmall, Lazada, Amazon, are mostly focused on conducting e-transactions between business and consumer. Through virtual shopping, B2C have the most enjoyable experience of E-commerce

3. C2C (Consumer-to-Consumer)

C2C E-commerce, the e-transactions are often conducted through social media platforms like Facebook, or applications like Carousell that requires intermediary services from Paypal, which is a payment gateway that performs the money transactions.

4. C2B (Consumer-to-Business)

C2B is a type of E-commerce occurs when consumers provide the expertise and skills to the business that requires them, this includes scenarios like an E-commerce company requires Photographer or Graphic Designer to help them in advertisements, brandings, and so on.

5. B2A (Business-to-Administration)

B2A E-commerce involves transactions between a business and public affairs or maybe governments. Many services are usually involved in this and mainly specified in areas like legal documentation, social security, and human resourcing.

6. C2A (Consumer-to-Administration)

C2A is another type of popular E-commerce that is surrounded by e-transactions between consumers and public administration. Examples:

  • Education           : Distance learning, disseminating information, etc.
  • Taxes                    : Filing tax returns, payments, etc.
  • Social Security : Payments, distribution of information, etc.
  • Health                  : Making appointments, payment for health services, etc.

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