10 Quick Tips to Improve Privacy On the Internet Effectively

10 Tips To Improve Privacy

Privacy issues occur in everyday activities, some even happened without someone’s consent. We should all be very careful and prevent cyber attackers from digging through our private information. Actually, we all tend to have the power to control our data, but many people didn’t do it correctly and faced the consequences.

Here are 10 Quick Tips to Improve Your Privacy On the Internet Effectively:

1. Review Permissions from Applications or Extensions

Only download applications or extensions you really need, because most of them require permissions to access your information(contacts, storage, and etc.), uses your camera and more. Some companies use this information to do marketing, which sometimes makes users feel unsafe.

2. Monitor Social Privacy Settings

Almost everyone uses social media nowadays, so it is vital to always monitor your privacy settings, the wrong privacy settings could leak your personal information to the public. Always make sure you don’t mistakenly share sensitive information of you to people you don’t know, or you don’t want to know.

3. Avoid Trackers

Surfing on the Internet seems safe, but browsers actually collect information on what you are browsing and so on. Incognito mode doesn’t always keep you safe, you’ll need special tools like Kaspersky Internet Security to achieve total secure browsing without tracking.

4. Use End-to-End Encryption Message Application

Encryption is important for sending private information through the Internet, not every application provides end-to-end encryption. Most of them use encryption in transit, which decrypts the messages on the server-side that is vulnerable to attackers. Though, WhatsApp provides end-to-end encryption and is trusted by most companies.

5. Use “Strong” Password

Most registration processes in every website advise the users to set a “strong” password, but the user ignores it and this is a silly action, “weak” password with patterns like “epic123”, “1unicorn” is widely used by some user that don’t have the sense of security. And it is also advised to use different passwords on different websites to have better security.

6. Keep Your Main Email and Phone Number Private

Creating a few other spare or test emails and getting an additional SIM card is great as you could subscribe to some weird application form, use online shopping, and some other services without having to worry about the consequences (getting spam, misuse information, and etc.).

7. Stay in Private Networks/Connections

When you are using public WiFi, do not perform activities that involve you in inputting private information (bank account number, password, IC, and etc.). Public networks usually don’t encrypt your browsing traffic, anyone in the same network could dig up your information without you knowing. So, either avoid using public networks or use a VPN connection.

8. Always Secure Your Device with Password, Pincodes or Biometrics.

ALWAYS, yes always secure your devices with a password, pin codes or biometrics to safeguard your private information in your devices, if some peoples in your friend circle or strangers have bad intentions towards you, you will suffer the leakage of your information to the public or they could threaten you with the information on their hands.

9. Disable lock-screen notification

This method relates to the method above, the individual that has bad intentions might not be able to access your device, but what if coincidentally, your bank messages you some important piece of information like OTP(One Time Password)? The lock-screen notification would show some brief information from it, then surely they could gain benefit from this small piece of information.

10. Do not Trust Public Storages to Store Private Information

Never use public storages like Google Docs, to store a list of passwords. Use them with caution and only with the desired purpose.

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