10 Reasons Why People Still Uses Facebook Out of So Many Options

10 Reasons People Still Use Facebook

Most Social Media startup as a successful social media, but fame usually slowly fades away, forcing it to stop the operation of the Social Media Application. But Facebook has been established since February 2004, up until now, it is still standing strong as the most monthly active users (about 2.4 billion) for Social Media Platform.

So what are the reasons that people still use Facebook?

1. RSS reader for news

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, and RSS readers are the individuals that study on the RSS contents. Since Facebook has a lot of users, the demand for content is sky-high, so the ones that supply the content will have the benefit to earn some profit through ads and promoting products or services.

2. Required for Authentication on other Website

Facebook provides login plugin for other websites to utilize it, since it has a lot of users, this will simplify the authentication process on other websites because they don’t need to go through the registration process again and the other website doesn’t need to implement a new authentication or registration modules.

3. Ability to Build a Professional Profile

Facebook allows users to create a professional profile instantly by filling in background information like work and education. It will display the information publicly if you chose to, and this will attract recruiters to hire or arrange an interview with you.

4. Share Photos Easily

Facebook provides users with the function of sharing photos as most of the social media application does, and sharing photos has never been easier. Just click on the Video/Image button on Facebook and you could share an image to everyone you know or publicly.

5. Offers Free Video Messaging

Video Messaging is one of the ways that people in Social Media communicate with each other. This helps people to contact their friends and family easily and free.

6. Easy to Organize An Event

You could create an event simply by clicking a few buttons, and you could also invite your close friends to the event easily. The invited people could also give responses like Going, Interested, Maybe or Not Going.

7. Facebook Groups are Better Than News Bulletin

Joining groups on Facebook gives you an opportunity to learn specific categories of information. You can also do a discussion in the group about something.

8. Reminds You of Someone’s Birthday

Remembering someone’s birthday has always been a fuss, but Facebook has a reminder that reminds you when it’s your friend’s birthday, you could even check whose birthday is around the corner.

9. Free of Speech

You can post your opinions anywhere on Facebook, it doesn’t matter if it’s a good or bad opinion, you have the right to speak freely on it.

10. Better compared to other Social Media Application

Many other Social Media Applications don’t provide functions as many as Facebook, and Facebook has been established since 2004, it proves that they have more experiences in Social Media and has always been giving good impressions to their users.

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